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It’s The Little Things We Do Everyday

February 3, 2015

Dreaming big and having wonderful goals is a great way to live your life with purpose. Having dreams and goals are meant 10615460_987105427972079_3166106223138650893_nto be achieved. They create a path of smaller goals to be accomplished in order to reach the larger ones. It’s the things we do everyday that bring us closer to our dreams or change them as our lives change while we’re on our path. The challenges in life that seem to place you further from your goals and dreams may be a lesson. Watching and being mindful helps us to see the lessons and challenges if we look hard enough.

Each day I look at a list of my own approach to my days  It keeps me on my journey and helps me use my senses and intuition to recognize the lessons and what they mean and the adjustments I need to make for tomorrow. Here my list you can use to help see your day, your path, journey and life and where you can examine the areas that need to be checked.

Daily Guide for Growth

  • Blessed Be my Goddess is Helping Me!!

~Review these questions daily~

  1. What have you done for the Earth today? Did you live Her will or yours? Can you do something for Her right now?
  2. Did you wake up with gratitude in your heart? Did you give thanks and pray for Her will this morning?
  3. What can you do or have you done to reach a goal today? Take baby steps each day to work towards YOUR bigger picture.
  4. Visualize everything done today that you wanted to get done. Are your to~do lists realistic? Or are they from a perfectionist’s point of view?
  5. What did you absolutely love about today? What was your favorite time today? What moments did you have that felt productive and moving towards larger dreams and goals? What small moments had importance in your day?
  6. What was your least enjoyed thing today? What time of day was most stressful or upsetting? The most peaceful? The most productive? Exciting?
  7. Are there areas of your day that can be improved on tomorrow? And not just adding things but subtracting things as well. Stop being so hard on yourself!! You don’t have to be perfect because you are perfect just the way you are and the way things are right now is the way they are supposed to be. Baby steps to reaching our goals. If the house is a mess it didn’t get that way overnight so a few 15 minute intervals of decluttering and cleaning is a very successful day!!
  8. What did you do for yourself today? If you haven’t done anything for yourself today what can you do right now for yourself? Stop everything and do something for you! Go for a hike in nature, meditate, Listen to some music and dance, take a hot shower, paint your nails, write a poem, draw a picture, read a book for fun! Do something wonderful for yourself right now!!
  9. Write in your journal about how you feel, the different moods experiences and progress to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Try to reach a goal by spending just 10-15 minutes a day on the baby steps to reach a bigger goal.

Hopefully you can use this example to write out your own daily questions to help guide you and remember stumbling is part of life. We are not perfect and we need to look at our day and decide what to do the following day to improve or learn from what didn’t work today. Lessons are everywhere and so are the teachers. We just have to look with an open mind and heart.

~Blessed Be~


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