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Overcoming Our Victim Mentality

February 6, 2015

I had a few thoughts on how my victim mentality holds me back and feeds my fears. I jotted down some ideas on how to tumblr_m8ldhwWWXN1rs2jc9o1_500fight back and get out of the victim mentality that keeps me sick. I hope some of these goals I’ve set for myself might help others.

  1. Stop using any form of “victim speech” in your vocabulary whether its through your internal thoughts or how you communicate with others. Victim speech is like the negative ways we refer to ourselves, feeling everything is our fault, assuming negative outcomes without rational proof. Irrationally blaming others or getting angry at situations that are no ones fault and you have no control over are also part of the victim mentality. Make a choice to think before you react or make conclusions. I try to stop for 5 seconds and focus on my breathing and massage my hand between my thumb and forefinger. It’s the web at the base of the thumb and its a pressure point. It seems to work for me to center myself. It’s a process and takes practice but eventually it will be second nature.
  2. I made a goal to walk in nature at least once a week no matter what season or temperature it is. This is great for anyone and everyone because we aren’t talking about scaling mountains, camping and roughing it. We’re talking about visiting a nature trail nearby or a state park with paved trails for those who can’t get through a dirt trail. I think even spending some time alone in the woods just sitting somewhere near a pond or river, walking where there is no path through an open field, anything you can imagine just get up and go just once a week. Taking in all of nature and focusing only on what’s happening right now using all your senses, how does it feel, smell, sound, taste, using all of it and take it in. This is mindfulness, no past, no future just now and the sensations of now. It’s a great way to relax and renew yourself. Start slow and easy, just go and experience your surroundings!
  3. Make a goal every 7 days. It doesn’t have to be something huge in fact it probably won’t work if it’s a huge goal. In a victim mentality we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment and we don’t even know we’re doing it. We set large goals that are impossible to achieve in such a short period of time. Every 7 days set a small goal such as walking in nature once a week. I shortened my to do lists and instead of writing them daily I’m going to try to do them weekly and then I edit the list into 2 columns; what’s necessary and what is a want. I’ve tried it before and it helped so much but I didn’t follow through and I’m back to making daily unrealistic lists of things I’ll never finish in one day. So using a realistic to do list for the week is manageable, less stressful and simplifies you’re to-do’s.

This is just a few suggestions that I am attempting and I’ll be able to measure my success at achieving small, manageable goals, reducing my victim mentality and it helps me feel stronger when I see I am accomplishing something. I hope some of of you can use this post or parts of it to assist you on your journeys as well. ~Love & Light~


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