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The Fear Toolbox

February 10, 2016

Fear is an ancient defense mechanism we all have and is a useful emotional state for some occasions. We don’t need fear as much as our ancestors did and our bodies take fear to an unhealthy level causing stress. So many reactions happen so quickly when the body responds to fear; harmful chemicals are released, rapid breathing and decreased oxygen in the bloodstream, increased heartrate and in some cases it becomes a full blown panic attack. Fear can cause us damage if it isn’t managed properly.

I put together a toolbox some time ago to give me a place to go where I could physically touch something in the box and use it to keep fear, stress and the blues at bay. Things that I love to do like listening to music so I keep an old pair of earbuds along with paper and pens for journaling my feelings. I have a small sketch pad with some soft pencils, a book and other little trinkets that remind me of an activity I can do to keep myself calm.

I don’t however recommend burying your fears. Unhealthy fears need to be confronted and dealt with depending on the severity. I work with a therapist to help me with my fears but I only see her for an hour the rest of the time it’s up to me to utilize the tools she gives me. I brought this idea of keeping a toolbox to her and I think it helps the therapist understand the client better. The things people would put in their toolbox says a lot about the person and what sorts of things they enjoy doing with their spare time.


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