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What the Hell is a Life Purpose and How Do I Get One?

February 19, 2016

Trying to find our life’s purpose is an itch we sometimes can’t scratch. I believe that each soul is reborn with a life purpose, to live and to grow. We are all blessed with10354676_729412857139260_3935983813007601861_n a journey through life to learn and give back. Each of us have a different path to learn whatever it is that we are meant to learn. For some of us this journey is much more difficult, frustrating and chaotic full of pain and suffering. I believe that it is all for a greater purpose. A reason that is carried out in part by the choices we make and the other part is destiny. I came to this conclusion after reading many books on life, spirituality, countless self help books and websites on how to discover your life purpose and answer that itchy question, “Why am I here?” I believe that everything I’ve gone through was so I could help others who are suffering. I couldn’t learn the knowledge I have today from a book. It didn’t pop off a page or come from a college education. It came from the experiences I’ve had living through it and then coming full circle back from a life that wasn’t worth a thing to a life I am slowly becoming proud of.

I hope one day I can do more but for now I share my story openly and honestly. I am grateful to have learned everything I’ve experienced so that I can help others. I feel like a light bulb was switched on in my brain and I woke up one day saying, “Oh, I get it now!” There are compassionate people in the World that were born compassionate, I was not one of them. I was a self-centered addict and I cared nothing for my fellow human beings I only cared about getting high. Today I live a different life and I believe I was put on this Earth in this lifetime to help others like me. I have goals today that revolve around helping other addicts, in particular women who get trapped in the vicious cycles of addiction and abuse. Many want to get clean but don’t know how. From my personal experience many of the women I’ve met become “stuck” in living situations that are dangerous and unhealthy and certainly not conducive to a recovering addict.

My life purpose came to me literally over night. I know if I had figured out what it was before I was ready I would have run the other way. That’s why I believe the reason I could never quite scratch that itch was because I wasn’t meant to until the time was right. I’m not anywhere near ready to jump in the saddle just yet but it sure does feel good to finally feel life has a direction. Everything that’s happened in my life has prepared me for my life’s purpose, I just wasn’t ready until the day it literally popped in my head like a light bulb turning on. My conclusion is each of us has a life purpose which is a gift and a blessing. I know I wouldn’t have appreciated my gift if it had been given to me. I appreciate the work and suffering I had to endure to uncover my life’s purpose. Today I have gratitude in my heart for my journey and I believe everyone can have that feeling. Each of us is given the challenges we must overcome on our journeys to uncover that purpose. Just by looking at what types of things you’re interested and the types of experiences you’ve had can show you where you should turn next. Ask yourself what things make you happy? What kinds of work are you drawn to? What experiences have I had that could benefit others and ease their suffering? The answers to these questions may give you guidance on your journey to discover your life’s purpose. Love & Light ~Amy~


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