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Gratitude Attitude

February 26, 2016

I’ve got a gratitude attitude and it’s changing my life. I began a New Year’s resolution this2d4d8e2 year of writing down three new things I’m grateful for everyday. It’s now almost March when most of my resolutions have expired for weeks now but not this one. It starts my day off by being thankful for the gifts I’ve been blessed with. It’s trickled into my daily routine and I think about gratitude throughout the day now instead of just in the mornings when I journal. My New Year’s mantra is to live happy, joyous and free and so far it’s been working. The biggest and lasting changes are the ones that seem so small because they only take five minutes out of my day. They have been anything but small. These changes I’ve been making have impacted my levels of happiness and I hope this rambling helps someone else to make some small five minute changes to their daily routine.


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