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Recovery Topics, Experiences & Current Breakthroughs

I am hoping this page will link with my category of recovery which is where all of my posts are that I’ve spent hours upon hours on quote-recovery-is-something-that-you-have-to-work-on-every-single-day-and-it-s-something-that-it-doesn-t-demi-lovato-114955since I began this blog. I am always learning and cleaning up my blog and discovering new tools has been a learning experience that I am grateful for.

This is the section that I hope people can come to for information on current events and topics regarding addiction and recovery. Also a place to find my own experiences and my continued Journey Through Recovery.

If you click on this link it will take you to the Recovery Category or move your cursor over the tab up to and a drop down will appear “Recovery” either way it will take you to all of the articles I’ve written, personal experiences I’ve had and any new recovery breakthroughs in the field. Click on this link

Thank you all for your patience and any advice, feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated!

~Blessed Be~

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